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Myrtle Beach HomesTo me, one of the most interesting things about these strange economic times is the fact that so many women have gone back out into the work force in a very big way.  And although some were forced to walk in and take the first job that was offered, many that I know made calculated decisions to go into fields not just to get them through the next few turbulent months or years, but rather a field that they thought they would be happy in and thrive in over the next several years.  And for many, those jobs were not ones that necessarily tied directly to their education or past careers, but rather jobs they thought were going to make the best use of the skill sets they had developed over the past years of raising children, volunteering in their communities and schools, and running their households.

One of my good friends had worked from her home as an interior designer for the past several years.  Her husband was in the banking industry and as she started to watch that industry get a little shaky and at the same time had one son headed quickly towards college and another one following shortly behind, she decided to go back to the local technical college and get her nursing degree.  She will graduate in 2 months and already has a job at the local hospital.  As irony would have it, her husband currently finds himself without a job… impeccable timing.  Becoming a nurse is not a stretch for her. She has been caring for her children and her family for the past several years and she is excited about creating a long-lasting career in this new field of work.

For me, I had been in and around real estate my whole adult life.  I started in the commercial side and spent the last several years working from home in real estate marketing and advertising. I was a mom first and foremost and I wanted to be around while my children were growing up. I loved having my kids and their friends crawling all over my house, feeding them all and spending time getting to know them.  My husband and I used to joke about the freedom we would have when they finally moved out… we would just live on a sailboat, going from port to port. My own parents used to say the same thing… only with them it was an RV.  Let me assure you though, every major family event and holiday brings all my brothers and their families back to my Mom and Dad’s house. I think we would all be lost without that home base. It’s comforting and it has allowed us all to roam freely around the world knowing that home was waiting for us whenever we returned… it hasn’t always been the same house, but wherever my parent’s house was at that point in time, it was our “home.”  I think the same will be true for us. I want my children to live their dreams but feel secure knowing that home is waiting for them.  I want visits from my kids and their college friends and visits from my grandkids some day.

Now I’m not naïve enough to think that buying  real estate is not a  business decision. Especially Myrtle Beach real estate. On the commercial side, it’s almost entirely a business decision. But on the residential side, it’s also an emotional decision. And whether you’re buying a home for a family of 1 or a family of 16, home is important. I know this. I live it. And that’s why I’m so excited about my new career. Helping people find homes is important and I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job! If you’re interested in buying Myrtle Beach real estate, give me a call: (843) 655-2882. I’d love to help!

Myrtle Beach Homes